“About Prangonemor”

In Bangladesh, Prangonemor Theatre was born in 2003 with a target to practice and
spread of Nobel owner Rabindranath Tagore’s drama by untiring regularity. The
presentation of Tagore’s drama is standard and artistically presented in Bangladesh
and India from the taking birth of it. Prangonemor is the only drama group in the world
who announced to practice and spread of Rabindranath’s drama. In this way, already
Prangonemor artistically completed five successful Tagore’s productions. Not only
that we also produce and perform others world famous playwrights regularly.
Those productions are extensively congratulated and praised in Bangladesh and
Prangonemor performed every drama in the city of Bangladesh and most of district
town and audience comprehensively accepted the performance. Not only in
Bangladesh, but also in India, several times Prangonemor were invited By Ritwik
theater group (Bohorampur) in the festival, namely, “Desh-Bidesher Drama Festival”,
Ritwik (Shiliguri) Purba-Poshchim (Kolkata), Kallyani, Shantiniketan, Mumbai( Old
Mumbai, New Mumbai), “37thNandikar International Theater Festival” ,India and
every performances were zealously received by audience. Six times Prangonemor
arranged colourful theater festivals in Bangladesh (Four with Tagore and Two with
other festivals).

Rabindranath Tagore

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“quotes of Rabindranath Tagore”

Make use of your education by implementing practical decisions in life. This will ease your path of life!
Rabindranath Tagore

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