Ami O RabindraNath​

                                           About Ami o  Rabindranath

The play ‘Ami O Rabindranath’ depicts Tagore’s life and works through an eye of
his devoted reader. In the story of the play, Athoi visits the famous Shilaidaha
Kuthibari (former residence of Bengal’s most celebrated poet, Rabindranath
Tagore) in Kushtia along with her friends. There, she begins to explore Kuthibari
and begins to ascend the steps of the staircase. Suddenly, Rabindranath himself
appears before her. He offers to show Athoi around Kuthibari. In a trance, Athoi
completely loses focus from her friends and reality. She begins speaking to
Rabindranath. A 29-year-old, 69-year-old, 21-year-old and also 80-year-old
Rabindranath appears before Athoi. With the images of all different ages, the
writer discusses his work and phases of the different times of his life with Athoi.
With Tagore’s various transformations in age, Athoi also begins to transform in
age. Different aspects of Rabindranath’s life are shared through the different
phases portrayed in the play.

Writers and Directors Note:

writer and Director what they want to say. They try to say among their
productions. After that have to follow some traditional format. Directors have to
say something about the play. Its a kind of responsibility. I had been thinking last
two years, what kind of play we to be staged. I thought obviously it will be
Rabindranath related. But after completing the direction of shesher kabita,
Raktakarabi, shawadeshi and the fourth will be Rabindranath it was confirmed. But
I could not realised that I will write a play about Rabindranath and that will staged.
Tagors life, literature, Culture are highly related with silaidah Kusthia Kuthibari.
Rabinadranath fan and researcher think he was prominent here at Kusthia

In this drama, Rabindra- Reader Athoi could be Rabindranath in her thought. 4
different kinds of ages Rabindranath physically presented there at Kuthibari.
Readers has no bound of curiosity. She wants to know everything of Tagors life in
a breath. I try to show Rabindranath in general time, thats mean his time and Athi
is todays symbol. The drama carries a lot of unknown information about
Rabindranath. 1.20 hour play it is. I will be succeded when it ended in a second at
audience. Its totally a fantasy of Athoi.

Name of Artists.
On Stage:
Othoi : Nuna Afroz
Nehal : Sarwar Saikat
Rabindranath(29 th Year) : Tohid Biplob
Rabindranath(69 th Year) : Ananta HIra
Rabindranath(21 th Year) : Ramiz Razu
Rabindranath(80 th Year) : Awal Reza
Rabindranath(09 th Year) : Farabi
Kadambori (11 th Year) : Prokriti

Behind The Stage:

Script : Nuna Afroz
Direction : Nuna Afroz
Set Designer : Nuna Afroz
Light Designer : Towfique Azeem Rabin
Music Director : Ramiz Razu
Costume Designer : Nuna Afroz
Music Operator : Bullet
Light Projection : Simanto Amin
Wigs : Khalilur Rahaman
Make-Up : Jony Sen
Publicity and
Publication : Sarwar Saikat

Satage Manager : Ruhul Amin Raza