Bibadi sargam

Synopsis of Bibadi sargam 

The new generation has badly forgotten the maximum names of the revolutionists who have sacrificed their lives for the motherland.  Even, many of the present politicians don’t know which revolutionists had to get on the scaffold! Besides, they don’t even know who self-sacrificed behind the bars or had to embrace death without any trial by the oppression of the administration of British Government. Assuredly, those dedicated souls of the country who fought for the independence, they hadn’t come for taking anything but for giving away only.
Most people of the undivided Bengal haven’t forgotten the names Binay, Badal and Dinesh. But I strongly believe that many of the independent Bangladesh don’t know the names of these fearless heroes. Again some people may know the names of those sapient patriot, simple but conscious, great, valiant fighter Binay, Badal,Dinesh, but they don’t know about their entire revolutionary lives. It is also needed to mention that one can’t really know about Binay, Badal and Dinesh unless you have a clear idea about Bengal Volunteers Party. The contemporary events have been disposed in order to format the circumstances of Binay, Badal and Dinesh. Among Binay, Badal and Dinesh, Binay and Badal committed suicide and Dinesh got on the hanging stage. We pay our humble respect for those fearless valiant heroes who sacrificed themselves for the sake of their love to country, land, people and mother-tongue.
1905 AD. The whole country was outraged by the Swadeshi movement due to the partition of Bengal. By using the unrest of the middle class people, they started the fight for freedom in an all out manner. Started spreading the underground organization. The lives that had been deceased in 200 years long struggle, our offering to those valiant freedom fighters. This is a small endeavor of us in this forgotten, withered in darkness, stuck by the lapse of time.

Explanation of the Director:

“Bibadi Sargam” is the 11th production of the troupe. Three consecutive productions at the s beginning of the year, so everyone had to take some pressures. All the artists are newcomers except one or two. Many of them might have never performed on stage before. Yet, the journey of “Bibadi Sargam” starts along with them. I have seen a surge of sensation in boys and girls of this generation while talking about the Swadeshi movement. I am grateful to those friends of mine, who were eager to make it a successful endeavor by day and night hard labors with an invincible courage and strength. Those who were attached to this production from the very beginning have shown a great amount of patience, and my love for those who dropped out, as the newcomers got a chance because of their dropping out. Though dropping out is not desirable to us. This production is actually a joint attempt, which is an outcome of the combined little ideas of my skillful troupe friends. We all wanted to see how a script can become lively and be shown in front of the audience. Many along with my friends Ramiz Razu, Mainul Tawhid, Sabuktgin Shuvo, Sujon, Rahul, Raza inspired me to bring it on stage.
I am grateful to Mir Nasiruddin Uzzal vai, his motivation is behind the construction of this script. He repeatedly inspired me to bring the heroics of three revolutionists Binay, Badal and Dinesh on stage. Thanks to Hira vai, our beloved Ananta Hira for providing me books and information from the huge hoard of his personal library.
This production is decorated by the foot marks of the newcomers, our labor will be worthwhile if you like it.

Shishir Rahman
Drama Director, Prangonemor

Writing &  Direction: Shishir Rahman
Premier Show :24 May 2016

Vanue: Jatiya Natyashala, Bangladesh Shilpakola Academy, Dhaka

Bibadi Sargam Back Stage & On Stage

On Stage:



Ramiz Razu

Hem Chandra, Narrator

Mainul Tawhid

Dinesh Gupta, Narrator

Rigan Shohag Ratna

Badol Gupta, Narrator, Corus

Bandhu Tuhin

Shurjo Sen, Narrator,Corus

Suvechha Rahman

Pritilata Waddedar

Shabuktaign Shuvo

Shupati, Judge, Narrator

Litu Roy

Gandhi, Lawyer, Corus

Ahmed Sojan

Binoy Chandra Bose

Chaitali Chaiti

Kalpana, Minu, Narrator, Corus

Shishir Chowdhury Rahul

Shawdeshi, Boatman, Purnodash Baol, Corus

Nironjon Niru

Aboni Gupta, Simpson, Corus

Sojun Gupta

Hori, Hardson, Jail Watcher, Narrator, Corus

Manowara Preity

New Wife, Corus

Mahmudul Hasan

Loman, Corus

Shohag Rahman

Modhu, Sarder Patel, Tegard, Narrator, Corus

Shwadhin Arush

Farmer, Jail Watcher, Narrator, Corus

Nurjahan Akter Nupur

Boudi, Corus


Young Man, Shoileshwar, New Groom Asst. of Loman, Corus

Urmil Mazumder

Shuresh, Asst. Hardson, Ramkrishna, Ghyanguho, Asst. Tegard, Peyada, Corus

Mousumi Mou

Dinesh’s Mother, Corus

Porosh Ahmed

Runner, Young Shurjo Sen, Manob, Young Man-1, Purnendu, Asst. of Tegard, Corus

Badhan Sarker

Pushpo, Sheuli, Corus

Back Stage:



Writer & Director

Shishir Rahman


Shishir Rahman


Tawfique Robin


Shishir Rahman

Costume & Props

Suvechha Rahman

Music Operator

Al-Avi Jahan Tushi

Light Operator

Ruhul Amin Raja


Dulu & Belal Ahmed

Cover, Design & Logo

Pear Mohammad


Suvashish Dutta Tonmoy

Make up

Joni Sen

Publicity & Publications

Sarwar Saikat

Stage Manager

Ahmed Sojan

Asst. Stage Manager

Shishir Chowdhury Rahul