Rabindranath Tagore is unavoidable shining radiant suggestions in Bengali life. Prangonemor mainly insists on practice and expanse plays of Robindronath and its merged in devotion and emotion.

We want to retain in our memory, the philosophy of beauties and truthful from the whole Rabindranath’s literature and want to understand with our heart and soul to practice in our life and theater.

We insist to the established regular practice of Rabindranath Tagore’s drama in our country.
The theatre team of Prangonemor aimed to establish on stage to evolve life to art either it presents the reflection of real life that continues between art and turn of life, above all country, soil and human being.

Prangonemor not only will practice Rabindranath’s plays but also will practice standard plays from abroad including Bangladesh but mainly will insist on practice and expanse plays of Robindronath.

If prangonemor produce only one production in a year, it must be from Rabindranath but for the second production could be others.

Every year Prangonemor arranges several seminars to renown, spread and increase the valuation of Tagore’s drama where Tagore’s drama’s researchers, a dramatic person of Bangladesh and India present their researches and documents. Side by side, Prangonemor also systematizes Rabindra drama workshop to touch the goal of Tagore’s morality and gracefulness, it encourages the theater members, drama person to know Tagore’s drama.

This Organization trust on an expanse of intelligence and endowed with a good memory than the practice of Democracy.

We salute those Bengali peoples from both countries who already sacrificed and are sacrificing their valuable long time from 1975 to until today, with their experience, knowledge and hard labour for Bengali theatre thus Prangonemor started their journey.
Each and every work of Prangonemor will memorize them respectfully from the core of heart.