Synopsis of Irsha​

Why Irsha?

On my personal view, Syed Shamsul Haq is one of the greatest dramatists in Bengali language after Rabindranath Tagore’s period and his poetical drama Irsha is one of the best dramas in Bengali language. Irsha is an experimental play which features only seven dialogues and three characters. The longest dialogue of the play is 36-minute long while the shortest one is about 16 minutes. This kind of plays, undoubtedly, is quite new in our theatre-circle. It proves new dramatic pattern which didn’t happen before in Bengali language.  So, it was a great challenge for all the mature theater group, drama director, and actor–actress because of this perfect experiment to bring the play to stage. Conflict might be the apt word to describe Irsha. The 100-minute play tries to depict the abstract struggles and conflicts between man and man, art and art, artist and artist, love and lover, even lover and sexuality.

Here, we received the challenge and tirelessly tried to be honest on this dramatic experiment. Not only Prangonemor team, but also we received the joining of our friend Shahinur’s appearance. Shahinur Rahman’s set and backstage decoration with multimedia projection of paintings enriched the aesthetic quality of the production. Zillur Rahman’s light design was also interesting and we were indebted to him.

Speech of Irsha

The story of the poetical drama Irsha is so touchable with life and life full of conflict-clash which indescribably done. Conflict between art with art, artist with artist also focuses the inner intellectual dept of the drama and love between artist with artist, man with man simply identifies sexual relation. The play also sketches some complicated human relationships on stage, in an abstract way. The dialogues, through which the play goes forward, do not follow a particular storyline and highlight the beauties of rural Bangla, plenty and greenery of harvesting fields as well as the spirit of the War of Liberation. The author describes to audience the color, taste, smell, and palpability of rural Bengali beauty. According to the playwright, life is shorter in comparison with the art. And, this artistic value of life has been depicted on stage through the visionary eyes of Syed Shamsul Haq in an epic style for the play.

Premier Show
Date: 26/04/2013
Venue: Jatio Nattyashala
Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy
Cast and Crew list

(Total Member: 7)

On Stage

N/OPerformer Character
1Ananta HiraJubak
2Nuna AfrozJuboti
3Ramiz RazuProuro

Back  Stage

1Tawfiq RabinLight
2Jewel Rana (Bulet)Production Manager and Music
3Ahmed ShujonProjector Operatorn;