Krishnachura Din

Krishno Churar din

                                                  Synopsis of Krishnachura Din

  • Dola and Bhumi they were two best friends. From class five to masters, they studied together. They have always been together. One would not go to college that day and the other would not go to the class,would go straight way to the friend’s house. In either side, the two friends could not be comforted without sharing anything between themselves. Krishnachura and Radhachura, two are among the most beautiful flowers of Bangladesh. Bhumi loved Krishnachura and Dola loved Radhachura. So this was the time when the season came, they used to rent a rickhshaw and roam around the city,to look for Krishnachura and Radhachura flower. On seeing Krishnachura, Bhumi used to show Dola, while Dola used to show Radhachura to her loving friend,Bhumi. Their love for each other, made them to think about the telepathy what worked inside them. It was a beautiful process that easily could read each other’s heart. They could not stay for a day without seeing each other. Suddenly, when Dola got married, Bhumi went alone. A variety of inner psychological problems started with Bhumi.

    Total duration of the play
    :one hour and five minutes
    Premier Show:13th February 2020
    Place:Bangladesh Mahila Samity 4 Natok Sharony, Bailey Road, Dhaka 1205.
    Script and Director : Nuna Afroz

  • Director’s Note. Dola, Nehal and Bhumi are three characters of the play who will easily cut off the duration by the audience, I believe. I am sure that everyone will miss their childhood school friends. What kind of drama usually stages on theater? Here, If we look, the story of this drama may be a bit of a television genre. However, as a theater person, I always believe that the play become a drama and whether the audience accept it or not. This is the way that will make me successful. I also believe the audience will love the play “Krishnachura Din”. This is a drama of psychological attachment of two girl friends…
  • On Stage:
  • Bhumi : Nuna Afroz
    Nehal: Tohid Biplob / Sujan  Gupta
    Dola : Chaitali Halder Chaiti

    Behind The Stage:
    Script: Nuna Afroz
    Direction: Nuna Afroz
    Set Designer : Nuna Afroz

    Set Designer Asst. : Ruhul Amin Raja
    Light Designer : Ramiz Razu
    MusicDirector : Ramiz Razu
    Costume Designer : Nuna Afroz
    Music Operator : Sumon Mollick and Sunjida Asha
    Light Projection : Ramiz Razu
    Multi Media Operate: Prokriti Sikder
    Stage Manager: Sumon Mollick, Prokriti Sikder