Prangonemor Praner Mela

Prangonemor organizes an array of festivities through ‘Prangonemor Praner Mela’, which take place in Kushtia’s Shilaidaha Kuthi Bari, the place synonymous with Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore.
The festivities are set to be held as homage to Tagore on June 12 and 13 2015, which will comprise of music and other forms of entertaining presentations, including the first reading rehearsal of the Prangonemor’s brand new drama ‘Ami O Rabindranath’, written and directed by Nuna Afroz, which will be brought to the stage this year.
For this purpose, the troupe commence the journey to Shilaidaha Kuthi Bari on June 11 with a 45-member team and returned to the capital after the conclusion of the festivities.
Prangonemor, ever since the very beginning of its journey, has been placing emphasis on the works of Tagore through their various performances. Till date the troupe has brought four of Tagore’s plays to the stage, those were appreciated by the audience at home and abroad.
With the aim of spreading the practice of Rabindra plays with conviction and maintaining their originality, Prangonemor organizes a theatre festival titled ‘Dui Banglar Rabindra Natyamela’ every year exclusively with the Rabindra plays, where prominent theatre troupes from Bangladesh and West Bengal stage their productions based on Tagore’s plays.
To note, this year, Prangonemor also bringing two new plays to the stage, which will be directed by the troupe’s members, Shishir Rahman and Awal Reza.