Synopsis of Sheymaprem 

Rabindranath is a poet of life, love, and humanity. His famous dance drama ‘Shyama’ is scripted by Shree Chittoranjan Ghosh.The inner theme of Shyama is love, freedom and humanity. There is a story of a dancing girl. Shyama is a very simple girl of a farmer family. But, there is a tyrant landlord who plunders her from a beautiful free life to show them dancing pleasure.. Here, Shyama, Nabina , Mala and Uttieo are all together from same village and they are good  friends who help each other. When Shyama loses here her younger all beautiful dreams at that moment her dreams alive by getting a friend or lover namely Bojrosen. Here also her younger friend Uttieo presents himself as blindly lover of shyama. Uttio always tries to help her without any feedback. The man ‘Rajkotal’ of landlord ambitiously requests her dance in the dinner party. Shyama rejects the request because she wants a beautful life with Bojrosen where she makes herself as a lover, wife. She sends back two times landlord’s invitation that’s why landlord feels unhappy and arrests Bojrosen as a foreigner spy. They take a artery decition and want to make it effectual very early. Uttio always loves Shyama but Shyama gives him no return. Here, Uttio wants to prove his love for Shyama. Uttio knows that Bojrosen stands on life-death situation, he takes a decision of self-sacrifice. Then, he gets the acceptance of love from Shyama with beautiful impression. There is a agreement with Rajkotal behind the curtain we see they release Bojrosen and Uttio surrenders and imprison him. They killed Uttio. When Bojrosen knows the reality, he hates himself and surrenders to Uttio’s love. At the last Bojrosen says that nobody is there to help man, if man do not help man.

 About the Play:

Shri Chittaranjan Ghosh created the drama form from the storyline of “Shyama”, an impeccable dance
drama by the poet of life, love and humanity Rabindranath Tagore. The main exposer of the drama
“Shyamaprem” is the eternal desire of love, freedom and humanity. The story revolves around
“Shyama”, who is a divan dancer. This girl of a simple village farmer’s family, was abducted by the brutal servants of Zeminder at her flutter age. A girl named Mala from her own village and another simple young girl named Nobina are the companions of her ballerina life. The dead dreams of Shyama, who got used to sweetener and conjugation after she became a royal dancer due to her misfortune, starts to dream again by the vicinity of a foreign merchant-Bojrosen, a loving heroic man. On the other hand, her playmate of childhood, touchy yet revolutionary Uttio loves Shyama with all his hearts. But Shyama never becomes his own. Again, Shyama refuses the offer of performing a singing dance in a banquet arranged by the mighty councilor Sayon, because of her craze of being with Bojrosen. She refuses the cunning man sent by Sayon twice. Sayon becomes an enemy because of this disgrace, imprisoned Bojrosen by proving him to be a spy, and starts arrangements of his decapitation. That Uttio who got nothing in return for his love for Shyama, induces in self sacrificing just to save Bojrosen. Uttio receives the acceptance of love from Shyama with an immense charm. The cunning minister let Bojrosen go off and kills Uttio by beheading him using the identity of Bojrosen. Hence Bojrosen comes back, but when he gets to know everything, hatred and disgrace make him restless and goes out to suicide. He comes back again after being a bit stable, starts his journey along with Shyama to find the death overcoming Uttio, to find the path of freedom from darkness. In this story, Uttio used to ask Shyama with astonishment, “Who would save human without the human?”, who wished “Every human should be free, and everyone’s love should be safe.” that Uttio stays immortal as a luminous symbol of freedom and love. A human can’t actually love unless he is actually free. This world lacks of love, that’s why Uttio sacrifices his life to save the efforts of love, dreams of freedom and humanity.

Cast and Crew list
(Total Member: 10)

N/OPerformer Character
1Ananta HiraBajra Sen
2Nuna AfrozSheyma
3Ramiz RazuUttio
4Shuvecha RahmanMala
5Ester ShumiNabina
6Shishir RahmanShachib
7Yousf PolashKotal
8Rigan  Shohagh Ratna (Stage Manager)Hukka Bahok

Back  Stage  

1Tawfiq RabinLight
2Bandhu Tuhin

Sound and Music

Sheymaprem Picture